B12 vitamin

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is essential when we talk about the formation and maturation of red blood cells and necessary, together with folic acid, when we talk about DNA synthesis.

Vitamin B12 is also an indispensable part when we talk about the functioning of the nerves.

In other words, vitamin B12 is involved in more than 100 chemical reactions, but mainly in the maintenance of our nervous system structure and the maturation of blood cells, so it is not something we can ignore.

So, knowing the importance of Vitamin B12 in our body, we are going to review some concepts that, surely, you find very interesting to know.

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Problems with vitamin B12 deficiency

As you well know, vitamin B12 is in foods of animal origin, it is absorbed by the small intestine, but for it to be absorbed it must be with a protein from our stomach, otherwise, it moves through our intestine and is expelled.

Thus, as vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation and maturation of blood cells, if we have a deficiency it can cause anemia. Even if we do not develop anemia, it can even cause neurological damage.

For this reason, it is our duty to avoid the lack of Vitamin B12 for us and ours, either through Vitamin B12 supplements or taking care of ourselves at various times in our lives; for example, doing medical examinations when we are breastfeeding so as not to fall into its deficiency.

How to know if you are deficient in Vitamin B12

The main symptoms that you can perceive are fatigue, poor memory, numbness of the limbs and / or depression.

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If vitamin B12 supplementation is so necessary, does this mean that the vegan diet is not suitable for humans?

One of the main questions that we are often asked is this, since many times we are surprised that when we begin a healthier lifestyle, we have deficiencies.

This is because today’s society differs greatly from our ancestors and their diet. This vitamin was present in foods that were grown in NOT impoverished soils and water (which was not sanitized or treated as now) and were sources of these nutrients

Do humans keep reserves of this vitamin in the liver, if I have been a vegan for a short time, is supplementation necessary?

Yes. You have to think that there are many different factors that alter the absorption of B12 and it is not a good idea to take the risk.

We typically recommend testing each year to assess our needs for vitamin supplementation.

What are the reference values ​​for this vitamin?

Taking as reference a 20 to 45-year-old woman, B12 levels are above 350pg / mL, although it is advisable to keep it above 490pg / mL

How Vitamin B12 supplements work and their intakes

B12 supplements are bacterially synthesized and very safe. Therefore, the most appropriate thing to do is to choose cyanocobalamin, since it is the most studied form of this vitamin in terms of dosage.

The normal thing is that in maintenance doses, not of therapies issued by doctors, there are 2 different options

  • 2 1000mcg weekly doses
  • 1 Weekly dose of 2000 mcg

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