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Food supplements: the basics

Do we need food supplements? The answer is simple. If you do not have any disease or physiological imbalance caused by your body, if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise, then you DO NOT need food supplements.

As stated on the food supplement boxes, food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and healthy diet.

Food supplements are made up of nutrients: fatty acids, minerals, vitamins… therefore if your diet provides them all in the appropriate measure, you do NOT need anything else.

So why do food supplements exist? Well, the world has evolved in different aspects, however: lifestyle, environmental factors, the impoverishment of soils that do not provide adequate nutrients to intensive farms, and diets that only take care of the aesthetic part of the body. in nutrition, or diets based on precooked meals, fast diets… have created certain physiological imbalances that are difficult to replenish with a healthy diet.

Thus, food supplements have an eminently practical function and can be a valuable tool to address any imbalance. The fastest way to replace it is with a food supplement (if possible specific and that covers the levels that science has determined are adequate)

It must be taken into account that these imbalances occur without our life having apparently changed. Simply by sunbathing too little, having taken a medication, or taking an excess or deficiency of some nutrient in our fast-paced diet.

Scientific studies, or observational surveys, have identified groups of people who may have certain imbalances due to low intake of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients: very active people, menstruating women, vegetarians and vegans, the elderly, people who lose weight, pregnant and lactating women, smokers, drinkers, people who do not take care of their diet.

Then there is the part where we want to overcome certain physiological aspects that we come with from the womb, those that we inherit with our DNA. Much of it has to do with aesthetic aspects. Of course, a nutritional supplement is not going to make you more attractive, but it can help you recover faster after intense physical exercise. Also diets that try to eliminate all fat, including fatty acids, can favor the fact that you have brittle nails, weak hair or dry skin.

What does Veggunn and its food supplements contribute to today’s world?

Veggunn is a project that has a base, that of taking care of people’s health by not harming animals. This is the essence of our brand, but we are going to develop it a bit.

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Veggunn: ethical and scientific brand

Not necessarily, but ethics in nutritional supplements starts with the ownership of the company behind the product. Dig a little deeper into the company behind the dietary supplements you take on a daily basis and you just might find a giant pharmaceutical company or an online company targeting the mass market. Zamdeh Laboratories, is a family owned and operated company with the concerns that any family has.

Today, new nutrients or miracle products are emerging that brands quickly include in their catalogs because, just like, for example, masks, there is a promise of exponential economic growth behind it.

When we say brands, it is exactly that, brands. In this market there are many brands whose only contribution to the product they sell is the packaging.

When a brand, like Veggunn, includes its own formulation among its qualities, please, value it. It values that behind a formula, and, there is research work on the needs of the people to whom it is addressed, there is scientific work to choose the formula that suits those needs. This work consists of our sanitary technicians and scientists contributing their know-how. This work consists of finding solvent clinical studies that scientifically endorse certain aspects that are sought so that there is a Real final result.

But what if there are no studies on it? Well, that’s where Veggunn stands out among the few brands that have made it to this privileged stadium. Veggunn carries out clinical studies with whoever can do it best, and that, at least here in Spain, is the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, the CSIC.

We have published articles with the results in the most prestigious scientific publications. These are facts when we say that Veggunn products are based on scientific evidence.

If you are interested in our studies, contact us.

Subsequently there is a laboratory work to evaluate the safety of the formula and what is the best bioavailability of the main element. Because yes, there is a main element and then others that accompany it so that this bioavailability is as high as possible, even with these secondary elements covering a good part of the Nutrient Reference Values, the famous %VRN.

That is why Veggunn does not make multivitamins that in many cases fall short in their attributes and qualities, but that fill the boxes of claims because they contain this or that ingredient in minimal amounts.

The next step, once the formula is prepared, is to choose the ingredients so that the final characteristic is cleanliness, purity.

The contribution made by Veggunn’s own formulas is that we include the active ingredients, without additives, or with the essential natural additives so that everything works correctly and does not cause new problems for the people who take them.

Of course we are not talking about added sugars, allergens, artificial colors or flavors.

We will continue researching for the continuous improvement of the formulations of our products.

Veggunn: ethical brand with minimal footprint

Continuing with the ingredients, we will tell you that they are above all 100% vegetable, because we are against animal suffering and yes in favor of their well-being. That is why we not only show on our product cases that our products are suitable for, but also that they are certified with the v-label seal of the Vegetarian Union.

Veggunn is a project committed to veganism and vegetarianism, which offers an open window to society, promoting mutual and respectful knowledge.

The fact that they are 100% vegetable is also beneficial for certain population groups, especially mothers and their children. For example, our Omega-3 DHA does not contain heavy metals as it is obtained from cultivated microalgae. These microalgae in the open sea are the primeval source that fish eat.

Our ingredients do not come from distant countries, which is why we say that our environmental footprint is minimal.

They are not genetically modified, they do not contain palm oil, which is why we say that they are sustainable in their composition.

And finally we turn to the packaging, which we also care about, not only from an aesthetic point of view.

Our wrappers are reusable or recyclable. We use glass for the bottles, aluminum for the caps of the vegetable capsule or tablet bottles, rubber for the knobs of our liquid products and cardboard from sustainable forests for the cases, which are printed with inks that are not harmful to the environment.

That is why we can say that we are consistent when we say that we take care of what matters to us, for an acceptable future for our children and animals.

All of the highest quality, but you have heard this phrase before, right?

Veggunn: ethical brand in its manufacture

Veggunn manufactures its food supplements in Spain with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) standards of the European Union. We do not really know why there is a belief that the US FDA (Food and drug administration) standards are better. The best thing is that they investigate and see for themselves.

Our factories have minimal emissions, helping to avoid health problems derived from environmental factors.

But they are also high-tech factories where products such as our FLASH vitamin B12 are developed, the only one on the market that dissolves under the tongue in a few seconds.

Because if we attribute a quality to the characteristics of our products, that quality is real.

In the manufacture and preparation of our food supplements we also take care of one more aspect:

The general recommended dosages of Veggunn products are collected by scientific institutions at a European and American level. We do NOT want to sell more product based on you taking more than is strictly recommended.

If your doctor or nutritionist recommends that you take other dosages, our products will be adapted so that they can comply with that recommendation.

Veggunn: solidarity brand

Despite being a young brand, our products have been on the market since 2018, although we were already investigating since 2016, we have donated over these four years, more than €100,000 in product to different animal sanctuaries, animal associations, non-governmental organizations ( NGOs) that work with disadvantaged children, nursing homes and food banks.

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