Zinc + Vitamin C Veggunn

Zinc + Vitamin C Veggunn

Zinc + vitamin C Veggunn is the best combination, since it contains the precise amount of zinc and vitamin C, for its optimal absorption. Zinc is essential for the immune and cognitive system, as well as for male sexual health.

30 tablets.
Take 1 tablet a day during meals.
Recommended dose for an adult.
Consult us the doses for each family member: veggunn@veggunn.com




Composition: 128 mg of elemental Ca from calcium citrate. Zinc Gluconate from which 22mg of elemental zinc is obtained.

If you are vegetarian, vegan or you are reducing the consumption of foods of animal origin, this is the best Zinc for you, for its design and its quality. It is important because it is involved in the health of the immune and cognitive systems, essential for coping with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as for male sexual health. The most natural and safe recognized mode of zinc to cover your needs is the organic form of zinc gluconate, for its effectiveness. It also maintains skin and eye tissues in optimal conditions. In addition, it performs synergistic effect with vitamin C.

Zinc is an essential mineral that participates in different processes of energy metabolism, cell division, gene expression and immune function. Its deficit triggers alterations in growth, scarring, appetite reduction as well as neurological and immune alterations, facilitating among other the appearance of digestive, respiratory and dermal infections.

In addition, zinc is involved in the production of testosterone, a hormone related to the increase of muscle mass and fertility. On the other hand, it helps to stop the gigantism of the prostate.

Its main dietary sources are products of animal origin, such as meat, shellfish or organ meats. Although it is also found in smaller amounts in plant foods such as nuts or whole grains.

Those people who follow a well-designed vegetarian or vegan diet do not seem to have an extra deficit compared to omnivores.

The intestinal absorption of zinc is the main point of regulation, so it is important to ensure adequate daily intake according to each person’s needs.
Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant or tissue synthesis, contributes to the formation of collagen for skin elasticity, among other applications, as well as normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological function.
The combination of zinc with Vitamin C enhances the absorption of this mineral, making the most of the amount of zinc that is present in this supplement.

Tips and Recommendations

Tips and Recommendations

Do not consume along with supplements or foods rich in Calcium since they interfere in the absorption of Zinc.

Scientific Support

Scientific Support

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