What is vitamin D3 used for? Get out of doubt

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Para qué sirve la vitamina D3

When asked what vitamin D3 is for. The first thing to say is that this vitamin is commonly known as vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin.

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble compound, i.e., fat-soluble.

Vitamin D3 is directly involved in the development of our immune system and is therefore necessary in our body. It brings us great benefits, therefore it is basic for many physiological processes, hence its importance.

Did you know that sun exposure promotes the production of vitamin D3 in our body? Our skin synthesizes the vitamin through contact with light and metabolites in the liver and kidneys. Also, if you get at least half an hour of sun a day, without sunscreens such as creams, you should not worry.

Another way to have a good supply of vitamin D is through food. Maintaining a healthy and balanced nutrition ensures good vitamin D levels. There are foods that include vitamin D among their nutrients,

In a vegan diet you can find foods with vitamin D, although it will also need to be metabolized by the liver and kidneys. There are not many plant foods that provide it, but we can say some, such as: mushrooms and fungi, raw maitake, buckwheat, other fortified cereals. The amount of vitamin D is not very high, but it helps.

Finally, if either of these two premises is not met, it is possible that there is insufficient absorption of this vitamin, so it would be advisable to take vitamin supplements such as Veggunn vitamin D3.

What is vitamin D3 used for? ➞ Benefits of consuming vitamin D3

The lifestyle of many people is characterized by the fact that they are not regularly exposed to sunlight, which is one of the main sources for absorbing and synthesizing the amounts of vitamin D3 needed by the human body.

For example, the fact that many of these people, because of their work, usually spend most of the day in indoor spaces, such as offices, stores, shopping malls, etc., is an example.

If you live in an area with a cloudy, rainy climate and little daily sunlight, it is advisable to use a vitamin D3 supplement to get the necessary daily amount of vitamin D3. You can avoid some diseases that would become detrimental to your health.

This same situation is repeated in autumn and winter, even in warmer areas. Even in summer, because a sun exposure with the body completely “covered” by a sunscreen does not allow vitamin D to be absorbed.

Obviously, excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to other problems, such as skin cancer, so it is recommended that daily exposure time be limited to 30 minutes.

When asked what vitamin D3 is good for, here are some of the benefits it provides:

Life Expectancy Increases in Women

If you have doubts about the purpose of vitamin D3 in adults, especially in the case of women over 70 years of age, it can influence their quality of life and life expectancy.

In this sense, by taking vitamin D3 for more than 2 years in a row, mortality in women can be reduced by up to 6%, which is one of the reasons to have an adequate intake of these nutrients using vitamin D3.

Reduces the risk of fractures

People who consume vitamins D3 are up to 20% less likely to suffer bone fractures when they suffer a fall. This is due to the other major function of vitamin D, which is the correct absorption of calcium in the bones.

Contributes To Proper Bone Growth

As mentioned in the previous point, vitamin D3 stimulates the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which are two of the vital compounds for proper bone formation. That is why it is essential at very early ages, in infants, to take an adequate amount of vitamin D3.

Has Immune Properties

Another interesting benefit of vitamin D3 is that it has excellent immune-boosting properties, as it helps prevent the onset of diseases. In this article we expand on the information in this article on vitamin D and the immune system.

Reduces the risk of suffering any degenerative process

It helps to prevent the existence of mental health problems, because it improves the different metabolic processes that occur in neurons and in turn, allows antioxidants to protect the body from various neurodegenerative processes.

Prevents Aging

Vitamin D3 counteracts the aging process, which in turn improves people’s physical conditions, and regular physical exercise is highly recommended for everyone. It is also recommended for people over 50 years of age, since it decreases the capacity to synthesize vitamin D.

Helps Prevent Metabolic Diseases

Taking calcium and vitamin D3, favors the body’s metabolism, because these compounds act positively in some diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension, significantly influencing those who have the purpose of improving their health.

What is vitamin D3 used for? ➞ Causes of vitamin D3 deficiency.

Causes Bone, Muscle And Joint Diseases

As to the question of what vitamin D3 is for, it should be mentioned that when it is not absorbed through sunlight or is not consumed in the diet, osteoporosis may occur in adults or rickets in children.

Lack of this vitamin component tends to produce muscle spasms, as well as pain and discomfort in bones and joints.

May Lead To Cancer

Lackof sun exposure or nutrient absorption can lead to colorectal or breast cancer, so it is important to know the properties of vitamin D3 and what it is used for.

Clinical trials with vitamin D3 supplementationare underway to evaluate the benefit of supplementation in preventing the onset of this type of disease.

This is why many people wonder whether it is better to sunbathe to get vitamin D or to take a supplement, although one is not exclusive of the other.

Weakness May Occur in the Organism

By not consuming foods that provide vitamin D3 or other supplements containing this component, there is an increased risk of muscle pain , tremors, cramps and tingling.

In addition, lack of energy, apathy, constant fatigue, permanent tiredness, headaches, dizziness, concentration problems and freezing sensation in hands and feet may also occur.

May Lead to Sleep Disorders

The lack of vitamin D3 in the body has a negative impact on the quality of sleep of people, and may cause them to have difficulty sleeping.

In this regard, it should also be mentioned that when the body lacks this vitamin component, the lack of absorption or intake of vitamin D3 can affect the nervous system and may cause hallucinations, heartburn, tinnitus, morning vomiting and even sun allergy.

Difficulties May Arise in the Growth of Children

When vitamin D3 is not known for what it is used for and the necessary amounts are not consumed, in the case of children it can delay growth.

Vitamin D3 deficiency leads to delayed birth of the baby’s teeth and the appearance of dental caries from very early childhood.

Pueden generarse dificultades en el crecimiento de los niños

Where to buy vitamin D3 supplements?

I hope that after this article you have learned what vitamin D3 is for and how important it is.

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