Scientific Research

First descriptive study

of the Spanish vegetarian population

The Veggunn Study is the first nutritional study performed in Spain about the state of health of the vegetarian and vegan population.
This Study is being carried out by the CSIC (Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – Higher scientific research center in Spain) with the sponsorship of Veggunn.
In Spain we have very little information on the nutritional status of the population that follows this lifestyle and not all the information available about the vegetarian diet is rigorous.

The objective of this first study is:

  • Draw conclusions in a rigorous and scientific way about the vegetarian and vegan diet
  • Know the nutritional status of the vegetarian population in Spain
  • Analyze the suitability of the diet
  • Check the influence of lifestyle


The purpose is to detect possible mistakes in the information that is being transmitted from the health institutions, correct them and propose healthier vegetarian feeding protocols.
The population studied is composed of vegans and vegetarians who do not have any chronic disease and who are not in a delicate moment of health, such as pregnancy.

The analysis of the quality of the diet includes habits, lifestyle and dietary intake, while the assessment of nutritional status emphasizes all those factors that are understood to be “risky” within a vegan and vegetarian diet. For this, exhaustive analytics are carried out regarding:

  • fatty acids
  • vitamins
  • glucose and lipids
  • hematology and iron status
  • bone metabolism
  • anthropometric measures


Among these so-called risk factors is an exhaustive study on vitamin B12, in order to assess correct supplementation of the population studied.