We choose the best raw materials.
We understand that people who trust us put in our hands their health and we have to respond with excellent ingredients.


Our 100% vegetable food supplements are not medicines, nor do have magical powers. They help prevent future organic deficiencies with scientific objectivity, without promises of any kind.


The production, concentrations, compounds, and recommended dosage respond to transparency criteria and are strict, sustained by the recommendations of prominent international organizations.


Our food supplements are vegan and are certified by the Spanish Vegetarian Union, which is a member of the European Vegetarian Union.


Our 100% vegetable food supplements are manufactured to the highest GMP standards.


We comply with high certification requirements that make us obtain the seals: gluten-free, additives-free, no added sugar, preservatives-free. This makes our products not only “fit for”, but “coherent with”

The Decalogue of our thinking

We believe in the value of Nature, specifically of plants, to move the world, that's why our products are vegan certified.

We are rigorous in our scientific approaches, we do not believe in magic when it comes to health. We believe in research and innovation as a way to improve our society.

We promote health for everyone, that's why we look for the highest quality, since we think of a product until it reaches its destination, which is you.

We believe in empathy and respect as essential instruments for people with different beliefs and core principles being able to understand each other.

We believe in transparency and honesty.

We hold that the growth of people is more important than the growth of investments that do not aim to improve the welfare of our society.

We like to collaborate with people who share our philosophy or our love for small things, the aim is to share.

We offer our social networks, our blog to divulge accurately, our fora, our studies and what we still need to share. To solve your questions. To be a meeting point.

Let's open the way, the rest will follow us.

We want to be useful, we want our products to facilitate carrying a healthy diet based on vegetables.


Veggunn is a project committed to veganism and vegetarianism, which offers an open window to society, promoting a mutual and respectful knowledge.
We are well aware that both in the world of veganism and in the world of supplementation, there are many proposals that do not satisfy all our concerns. Either because these supplements are not useful since they are based on false promises, or because the quality they preach is not such or because the doses they recommend are suited to commercial criteria instead of health. Our model is not only to produce only with raw materials of vegetable origin because we believe it is healthier, we are also very much concerned by the ecological footprint and animal exploitation.

We will work with rigor and transparency, we offer free access to all the information related to our activity, our products, the scientific studies on which they are based, as well as our educational activities and lines of research.
We will continue our research to improve the formulations of our products and looking for those that have a real effectiveness.
That’s why we not only offer high quality products, but a commitment to this world. We believe that the best way to respond to current challenges is to be a different project, in which we get involved in research and dissemination, before even going to market. We believe that with our way of promoting and disseminating veganism to society, with the positive values on which it is based, we will achieve many points of understanding, which will help everyone to take care of the planet.